A new beginning in the UK

After living in Turkey for 30+ years, I recently moved to the United Kingdom. The process was started about 1 year ago, however I arrived just 1 month ago. While the process was in progress, I had 2 travels to the UK with a standard visitor visa.

My first aim was to experience living and working abroad. Since I have the same job at the same company, the transition was very smooth and I did not expect a major change in my economic conditions. If I made this decision within the last few months, most probably I would consider the unstable economy of Turkey too. Last year that was not a case.

Actually I do not feel that the life is very different now. So far I have been to several countries in Europe including the UK, thus I was already aware of the cultural differences. Maybe the most significant difference is the size of town I live in. I’m happy that I left a very large and busy city. Now it’s time to enjoy a small town.

Of course, one of the most important things is food. My friends were worried about what I eat and some of them thought that I could not survive too long. Well, they were right at some point. I do not cook much and usually order online. Still I do not cook, but eat in restaurants. I can say that I have not lost even 1 gram so far, I’m fine.

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